Community Responsibility Megablast

One of the great things about launching a website during a pandemic is that there is a lot of editing to keep you busy, as the information placed on said website is rendered obsolete on an hourly basis. Please do check in on my ‘LIVE!’ section to see potential nights of fun and frivolity wink out of existence as they are cancelled and I dutifully remove them from my gigs list. Perhaps entertain yourself by imagining an alternative reality where these nights do go ahead, laughs are had, you see exciting acts whose work you make a mental note to look out for. Maybe you drink a nice pint of craft ale – it costs £6, but it’s a night out and, you know what? you’ve earned it.

Once my place of work has shut down and I’ve gone into my isolation cave to wait this whole thing out, I will be looking at alternative ways to keep myself and perhaps others entertained which I will, of course, keep you updated on here.

In the meantime if you are aware of some schemes for organising volunteers to help with the vulnerable in your area why not sign up to that – I certainly know that a sign up form has been circulated around Greenwich and, hopefully, will be doing the rounds elsewhere. It is also a great time to make a big donation to your local food bank if you are able.

I hope that we are all able to stay safe, stay happy and have a laugh – privately at home or collectively remotely.

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