Born Yesterday

Podcast artwork for Born Yesterday, courtesy of the fantastic Lise Richardson

After many years toying with the idea of cloning ourselves, Alexander Bennett and I (Andy Barr), have finally bit the bullet and got involved. In our new podcast series, Born Yesterday, a batch of clones are produced on a bi-weekly basis and given 24 hours to familiarise themselves with three things from the totality of human knowledge and experience – after which, two guest comedians are invited along to help fill in the gaps.

Guests for series one are: Eleanor Morton, Lily Phillips, Alasdair Beckett-King, Ken Cheng, Poppy Hillstead, Ali Brice, Rosie Holt, John-Luke Roberts, Joz Norris, Sian Docksey, Jordan Gray, Michael Legge, Sam Nicoresti, Ben Pope, Lulu Popplewell and Ahir Shah!

What a lineup, what a podcast, what an opportunity to explore how knowledge and understanding are built.

Listeners are encouraged to draw anything featured in the podcast. Email address available in show notes.

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