Unlocked World with Alastair Bridge

Credit to Soggy Milk Design for the podcast artwork.

Recently, an old family friend – travel writer Alastair Bridge – has been in touch with me regarding some technical questions. It seems that Alastair is in lockdown in his home in Blackheath and has used this as an opportunity to revisit some of his journeys round the world and make a podcast out of the experience. Alastair is not particularly tech savvy and so has asked me to assist with getting it online and getting the word out. Furthermore his previous website was shut down at the advice of his legal team. As such, until further notice, my site will be the place to go for information about Alastair and his podcast – Unlocked World with Alastair Bridge.

Here’s the series trailer: https://unlockedworld.podbean.com/e/trailer-unlocked-world-with-alastair-bridge/

You can follow Alastair on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/bridgealastair

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