It’s been a while

Image courtesy of T. Burridge

Hello friends, at the time of writing it is 23rd August 2022. I started my website in February 2020 and then some stuff happened. However, I have continued to pay for hosting and so it rises once more like a blackbird from some ashes that it had been hiding in, stretching its wings and shaking off the soot. I’ve updated the gigs page, I’ve added pages for the two (count ’em – TWO) podcasts that I’ve made since lockdown and done a little bit of spring cleaning.

My intention is to keep this thing updated more regularly – keep the gigs list up-to-date, provide SOME POSTS (partly as an exercise to keep myself writing and dust the cobwebs off my ailing brain).

So, what has happened since my last update? Well:

  • podcasts as mentioned,
  • a live show from podcast character, Alastair Bridge, debuted at Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2022,
  • komedy kollectiv Consignia have – through no fault of their own – received two 4* reviews from The Scotsman and one from Chortle (although I was only involved in one of these shows) and a further nomination for Best Music/Improv Show at Leicester,
  • I presented a series of livestreams COINS Live! with Sam Nicoresti, delving into the world of numismatics (a sampler)
  • Kent won the T20 in 2021
  • I’ve tried to start reading books again…

That sort of thing’s been going on. What’s forthcoming? Barring the total disintegration of society, the climate etc, the following should happen at some point in the relatively near future:

  • Series 2 of Born Yesterday
  • Series 2 of Unlocked World with Alastair Bridge
  • Alastair Bridge Live Show
  • A Halloween Show
  • Christmas Shows
  • Other projects, I hope

What can you do? Come and see me live, consume some of my pre-existing work, send me an email, book me for gigs. That sort of stuff. Your lookout though really.

All the best!


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